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A year has 365 or 366 days, but how many weeks does a year have? Is that the same every year? It may be the case that for work purposes you need to organize everything per week and thus it would be nice to know how many weeks a year has. In this article we will further explore everything which has to do with years and weeks!
Yoga is a word in Sanskrit which means "union" or "to unite" and is an ancient tradition originating from India. Many people have an idea of what yoga is but are often (partly) wrong. What we in the west more often than not expect from yoga is primarily a physical kind of fitness program which focusses on stretchi..
You can go as deep as you want in living self-sufficient. You can of course go for it 100%, but not everyone dares to give up their current lifestyle. In that case you can also simply only make your own clothes or grow a few herbs at home. Every step that you take is good for your health and the environment.
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Over the last few years Cambodia has become more and more popular by tourists. Not only young backpackers pay a visit to the country, that is mostly known because of the buddhist temple complex Angkor Wat, but also older people and families with kids. Cambodia has a lot to offer and it is time to explore this. Below follows an overvi..
Are you going to make a tour through South America? Then an unforgettable time is ahead of you. With highlights such as the Amazone area, the Machu Picchu in Peru or the swamp area in Brazil. South America knows many highlights and ample time to explore is advised. The better you are prepared for this trip, the more you will get out ..
Backpacking in Asia - viewed 1536x
Maybe it is the ultimate way to discover new countries and cultures: backpacking in Asia. During your trip through this continent you will feel the immense diversity and history. The continent of Asia covers the area from India to the Far East, where Japan and China lie. It is very personal which destination you really like. How do y..
Travel to Vietnam - viewed 1783x
The mountainous north, traditional villages, ancient temples, endlessly long beaches and delicious food make a trip to Vietnam one to never forget. On first glance Vietnam looks similar to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, but during your trip to Vietnam you will get to know that this is absolutely not the case. Vietnam has its own cultur..
South America, Peru - viewed 1893x
In Peru in South America you find beautiful national parks and sights. The country belongs to the most colourful countries in South America. With a trip to Peru you can discover nature's wonders. The Colca Canyon and the Amazon are amazing places to visit, but also the Nasca Lines and lake Titicaca are an amazing experience. In this ..
Japan is an impressive country with imposing nature and fascinating culture. A tour through Japan is the ideal way to experience all the different facets of the land of the rising sun. During a trip to Japan you are guided through all the famous cities and at the same time you can enjoy the wonderful nature and culture.
A holiday in Bali is recommendable to just about every tourist. Young and old, adventurous or not. Because the island is so diverse there is something for everybody. More and more tourists notice that Bali is the perfect step to get to know Asian culture. By the broad choice of accommodation and restaurants there are endless possibil..
Do you want to travel along the West Coast of the United States of America? Then you can find all the information you need regarding such a trip on this page.
Backpacking in Thailand can open doors. Going on a vacation to the exotic country is doable by staying in luxurious resort or renting of a house, but backpacking must be the ultimate way to travel through Thailand. By backpacking in Thailand you experience the culture, the landscapes and the friendliness of the local population. Thro..
Most people have probably never heard of a vacation on Nusa Lembongan, let alone thought about going here on a holiday. Nusa Lembongan is the perfect place to avoid tourists during a visit to Bali and the Gili Islands. The Island is called the Bali of 40 years ago. Time to tell you a little bit more about this island and inspire you ..
A trip to the Philippines is not as popular for the average traveller than say Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. And that is actually not completely fair: there is so much to do on the 7.107 islands that the country knows. This makes planning a trip to the Philippines quite difficult, because you have to choose between many paradise ..
Indonesia has become a popular holiday destination. The island state of Indonesia is situated in Southeast Asia. With 17.508 islands it is the biggest archipelago in the world. A number of tips about a couple of islands that you can visit might thus come in handy. On this page we name the most popular destinations with several tips.
A holiday to Iceland, are you already looking forward to it? Iceland's biggest feat is its stunning nature, with natural phenomenon such as hot springs and geysers that will relax and amaze you. In this article you will get 10 tips and after reading this you are surely more excited for it than ever before!
Are you going to make a tour through Argentina or are you thinking about it? A tour through Argentina consists of extremes. You will find the most beautiful nature, a lively culture and buzzing cities here. Make sure that you are aware of the highlights of the country before you head off. We will tell you more about these here!
Venezuela is a country located in South America. It borders the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the countries Brazil, Colombia and Guyana. The country is a Bolivian republic and consists of several islands. In this article we will tell you more about the history, the population and the nature of Venezuela. You will also find in..
Are you going on a holiday to Barcelona? Then you want to be sure not to miss out on any of the magnificent sights in Barcelona! There are a number of impressive buildings, historical museums and beautiful parks. In this article we will tell you more about the different sights that you can visit in Barcelona.
City trip to Zagreb - viewed 2349x
The capital city of Croatia is Zagreb and is situated in the north of the country. It is the biggest city of the country and the only city with more than 1 million inhabitants. Zagrab knows a rich history, especially because of its location between Vienna, Budapest and Venice. For a city trip to Zagreb we have constructed a list with..
Things to do on Ibiza - viewed 1909x
If we think about Ibiza we think about sun, beach and parties! Ibiza is however much more than sun, beach, and partying. Besides the clubs there are also numerous sights to visit. We have gathered the most beautiful sights of Ibiza for you. You will know exactly what you need to have seen when you pay a visit to Ibiza.
City trip to Miami - viewed 1498x
Miami is a city that speaks to the imagination of many. It is a city that often forms the stage for films and tv-shows. Miami is a warm city where the temperatures can get quite high the whole year round. The tv-series Miami Vice of the 80's has contributed a lot to the popularity of the city. What are the things you to experience wh..
The island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea is a popular holiday destination for many. From early in Spring to late Autumn you are guaranteed of good weather on the island. The island has a lot to offer for tourists. For young and old, Malta offers a perfect location for a holiday. On this page we will give you all the information y..
Washington DC is the capital city of America and is absolutely worth going to on a city trip. The museums and monuments are a pleasure for the soul. Are you a fan of tv-series such as House of Cards or Scandal? You can be under the impression that you are on the set of a tv-show in Washington. A city trip to Washington is full of hig..
Los Angeles is the city of the stars, movies and tv-series. It is the biggest city of California and belongs to the top 3 largest cities of America. In the city centre alone live 5 milion people. If all the outskirts of the city are added to this number there are a total of 16 million people living in Los Angeles! We are excited to s..
We can trace back the the basis of believe and thinking of the ancient Greeks from the Geek mythology. The myths have been well preserved over the centuries by the works of Homerus, besides archeological findings that have to do with Greek mythology. In this article you will read more about the mythology and we are discussing six wel..
Unhealthy foods - viewed 2925x
Eating healthy is important, that is why we would like to give you more information on unhealthy foods, so that you can keep this in mind when you are preparing your next meal. As you start to substitute unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives, not only will you start looking a lot better, you will feel a lot better too!
The effects of long lasting stress can never be underestimated. In this article we explain you what the effects can be but also how you can reduce stress and even prevent it. First we will explain you exactly what stress is and how it arises.
Turkey is a country that lies for the most part in Southwest Asia and for a small part in Southeast Europe. Sometimes the country is said to be part of Europe if we are talking history and politics. For religious and cultural reasons, Turkey is however counted to be part of Asia. In this article you can read everything about Turkish ..
There are more and more people who want to start meditation. We are finding out that it is not all about the physical health, but more so about the health of the mind. Many people experience stress in their daily lives and are trying to find a way to gain more peace. This can be achieved through meditation. In this article we will te..
Borderline symptoms - viewed 1385x
Borderline is a personality disorder that has a lot of influence on the behaviour of people and their social relations with others. Often people with borderline therefore have problems maintaining relationships and relationships also tend to end sooner.
Do you want to learn how to sing? Some people have it naturally and others would like to learn by taking singing classes. But what should you do when taking singing classes and what should you not do? In this article you will read more about the do's and don'ts of taking singing classes!
What is a handpan? - viewed 1874x
Did you ever hear about a handpan? For many people it is something new, reason enough to give it some attention. This article is all about the handpan, what it is and what you can do with it.
Every pianist has started at some point in their lives to be able to play songs on the piano. You should however need to practice a lot to make progress in playing the piano. Learning to play piano is quite difficult and needs a lot of motivation and perseverance. Do you want to play piano effectively? Then we recommend to read the t..
A life without music, it is hard to imagine. There are always melodies that arise in your head or your fingers make up some kind of rhythm on the dining table. Are you in a good mood, then you might even hear yourself hum. Music is part of life, not only to listen to but also to make, to experience. With a guitar for example.
Lager is the most well known beer in the world. People drink it everywhere and virtually every area knows its own, locally brewed Lager. The biggest beer brands are worth billions. Why is it so popular? Why do people drink it so often? And where does beer actually come from?
Do you want to increase your productivity? Then this is the article for you. We have collected 15 tips for you with which you can complete your tasks faster and gain more benefits from your time.
We all know the Bible by name. But what is the Bible exactly? In this article we will give you an answer to this question. Now you will soon get to know more about the bible and what the overview is of the New Testament.
Does the name Wim Hof sound familiar to you? This Dutchman, better known as 'The Iceman', has developed a very special method that consists of breathing techniques and training in the cold. Therefore we have chosen as topic for this article: Taking cold showers with the Wim Hof Method.
Doctors and hospitals often or prescribe some medicines for severe inflammations or take away the inflammation by means of an operation. Sometimes that may be necessary but with lighter inflammations this is not needed. Most of the time the body clears it up by itself. Natural anti-inflammatories can help with this process. Before we..
Natural painkillers - viewed 1391x
Painkillers have been available everywhere for years and people like to use them all too often. Even for the stronger painkillers such as Ibuprofen you do not need a doctors reference. These are freely available. But the disadvantage of synthetic painkillers like Ibuprofen is that there are huge side effects. Why do you not switch to..
Complementary care is used to relieve suffering and to improve the quality of life. It is used alongside regular healthcare and it actually already exists for centuries. During the last few years there is more and more attention for complementary care, because people are starting to find out that mainstream healthcare is often not en..
Detox your liver - viewed 1412x
The liver is a very important organ in the body. It plays a major role in our metabolism and in detoxing the human body. By wrong eating and drinking habits the liver can become overloaded, that is why toxins can not be discharged properly anymore.
Why gargle with salt? - viewed 1701x
It is known of salt that it was used in ancient times as a taste enhancer and as a preservative to conserve foods such as fish and meat. But it is also used as a means against all kinds of bodily conditions. In this article we will explain you why and when you should gargle with a saline solution.
Many people across the world are suffering from eczema. This is most of the time a chronic skin condition and there are multiple kinds of eczema. By choosing the right diet you can reduce the eczema.
Having a good night sleep is important to stay healthy and fit. Unfortunately it is not a given for everyone. Are you finding it difficult to get to sleep or to sleep all the way through morning? Then read the 20 tips to sleep better in this article.
You hear doctors warning you more and more often for the dangers of sitting for too long. Sitting is also called the new smoking. On this page we will inform you of the daily consequences of sitting and what you can do to counter the health damage caused by prolonged periods of sitting.
It is often said that drinking a lot of water is healthy, but is there such a thing as drinking too much water? What does water do to your body? In this article we will answer these questions.
What is AcroYoga? - viewed 2300x
AcroYoga is a combination of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. AcroYoga is not only very calming, it is also an ideal way to improve your balance and to get rid of stress.
Negative thoughts give a lot of stress and actually only cost you more energy. People that have a negative attitude only see negative things around them, while people with a positive attitude see only the beautiful things of life. Do you also want to think positive and become happier and healthier? We give you 10 tips in this article..
Tips to control anger - viewed 1485x
Are you suffering moments of extreme anger and do you want to learn how to control your anger? Then it is a good idea to read this article and take in the tips to control anger. They can help you control your anger yourself. Read the tips how to control anger here below and start practicing them!
Most people love it, sleeping in. But is sleeping in such a good idea or not? There are people that state that sleeping in is dangerous, but is this really the case? In this article you will find out more about sleeping in and why it would be good or not for your health.
The Paleo Diet, also called the caveman diet, has grown to be very popular in a short amount of time as a way to lose weight. How do you start with the Paleo Diet and how do you successfully lose weight with this? In this article we will discuss this.
Many people are following some kind of diet, and that could be a protein diet. Before you start a diet, it is good to know what it entails and what the pros of the diet may be. Therefore you will find more information regarding the protein diet here.
Do you weigh too little and would you like to gain weight in a healthy manner? Then you can read the tips here how you can gain weight in a healthy way. Gaining weight in a healthy way can be easily done, if you follow the tips below.
Do you want to know more about dinosaurs? In this article dinosaurs are the central topic, and you can learn more about which species there were, how they lived and how they got to be extinct.
What is mindfulness? - viewed 1328x
Mindfulness, becoming completely aware of your current experience. Where your attention is, that is where you are. With mindfulness you learn to live in the here and now. Living more intensely and more consciously, you are better at directing your thoughts and taking distance from your thoughts. Your concentration becomes better and ..
That a car uses up gas, is a known fact. Nobody of us is enjoying the ride to the petrol station, because even though the price of gas may have reached its historical low, every drop of gas will add up to your expenses.
A dashcam is a camera that can be placed behind the windshield of the car. In this way video footage can be recorded whilst driving. In this article you will learn about all the pros of placing a dashcam in your car.
A good marriage: for some it seems to happen by itself, whilst others need to work hard for it. In this article we will therefore give you 15 tips that will help you make your marriage good, fun and full of love.
To seduce a woman, you do not need to master all kinds of seduction techniques. As a man it is essential to have the right mindset. In this article we will tell you what to do when approaching a woman, but also what not to do.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an organisation set up in the period following World War II. The organisation is there to support the North-Atlantic Treaty - the pact that ensures the defence of multiple Western countries. How did this come into being? Which problems arose? And how is the situation now?
The definition of giftedness is not unambiguous and it therefore makes it to be a complex subject. According to the simplest definition, a gifted person should have an IQ above 130. Many people think that only a high IQ does not make you a gifted person yet. Besides a high IQ you also need to be creative and motivated.
About a quarter of all people will experience a midlife crisis at some point in their lives, and its not always men who get them. When you recognise you are experiencing a midlife crisis then you can often reduce the suffering, especially when you realise that many people of the same age group are experiencing the same.
The term gaslighting comes from the movie with the same name. Gaslighting is a method through which you can program norms and values, ideas and thoughts totally anew.
Meditation techniques - viewed 1323x
Meditation techniques is a general term for techniques and exercises that make you relax and become peaceful. Often this is combined with forgetting about your worries and coming to yourself.
A wonderful partner to share life with. That is what most people wish for. Many people will find their one true love spontaneously. But that is certainly not the case for everyone. There are also people that diligently are looking for true love but they do not succeed in finding the right life partner. Maybe this is also the case for..
Did you ever hear about the fear of intimacy? It can be that you do not exactly know what this means or that you do not know what to do with it. In this article we will give you more information about the fear of intimacy and how you can deal with this.
In the first few weeks of a new relationship it takes a bit of getting used to each other. In this article we will discuss different tips to help you get through this phase of a relationship.
Dating is not easy for every woman. Maybe you have had the feeling that you had a deep connection, but after the date he didn't talk to you again. Did you do something wrong? It could also be of course that there was no connection, but you can see what you could do differently next time. Here you will find 10 dating tips for women.
To maintain a relationship for years on end is not an easy job and still there are a number of people who can do this without troubles. Although it is beautiful to be with someone until death separates you, this is most of the time too good to be true. There are many circumstances which you should keep in mind. Trust and love are the..
The first date is always exciting, for women and men alike. Will there be a connection between you two or is it going to be a boring night? Will you live up to his or her expectations? But the main question that most daters are struggling with is: "how do you behave on your first date?" In this article you will find 7 tips ..
Raising children is a big topic. Besides the usual social norms that a child should learn, there is also the financial aspect in raising a child. How can you best raise a child to become financially independent?
How can you prevent a occupational burnout with breathing exercises? You will find this out on this page. Because if you are too tensed, you are often breathing too shallow from the chest.
Are you drinking too much alcohol or do you know someone who does? Quitting drinking is then important, read more about it here!
That smoking is unusually damaging for the body is known by now. It can cause cancer but it is also causing heart and lymph disease. You can more easily quit smoking with the help of an e-cigarette.
Most people will occasionally fly. Something that has become very normal. For a small price you can already fly to a big city or a sunny destination. Easy and quick. But when you think about it, it is quite special that such a big and heavy vehicle can stay in the air. How does that really work? How does an airplane fly?
There are different sources of energy. But which sources of energy do you know and what do these supply? In this article we will discuss different kinds of energy sources, also the renewable energy sources. Therefore make sure you read on if you want to know more about the different energy sources that are there.
Do you like to play roulette and would you like to know which roulette strategies are there? Then choose to do something about that now. In this article you can read more about the different kinds of roulette strategies and how they work. Try them out yourself and you will know which roulette strategy suits you.
Poker strategies - viewed 1583x
Are you a big fan of poker? Then it is time to discover which poker strategies there are. Whilst playing you can use these and perhaps you can win more because of them. Therefore read the strategies in this article carefully and try them out!
What do you think of when you hear about eating raw? Which foods can you eat raw? In this article you will read more about this.
Plastic in our food - viewed 1450x
Without you realising you are eating tiny plastic particles. It is true! And we also smear it onto our skin. Plastic enters our food through the food chain and the amounts are only going to increase as long as we don't do anything about it.
Hawaii is a state of the United States of America and consists out of 137 volcanic islands and atolls. The islands are situated in the Pacific and most of them are small and uninhabited. In total the state of Hawaii knows 1.300.000 inhabitants. In this article we will tell you more about Hawaii and we will also give you some travel t..
Every year thousands of tourists travel to the holiday destination called Kos. The island of Kos is found in the Aegean Sea and is part of the Dodecanese. This is an island group of more than 200 islands. A holiday to Kos has something for everyone. Kos is a varied holiday destination. Are you curious what Kos has to offer you? Here ..
Crete is one of the most visited holiday destinations in Europe. Yearly millions of tourists go to this island to celebrate their holidays. Are you going on a holiday to Crete this summer or are you thinking about it? On this page you will read all the information you need to know for your holiday.
Still one of the most visited cities of Italy is Venice. The city is high on the wish list of many tourists to have seen once in their lives. The city is situated on a few islands in a lagoon. The streets in the city are filled with water. Instead of a car, you take the boat or gondola when in Venice. Discover the sights in Venice du..
Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations for city trips, and for good reasons! The largest city of Turkey lies within both the European as the Asian continent and knows a very rich history. Once Istanbul (or Constantinople) was the capital of the East Roman Empire and later on sultans were swinging their sceptre. Western, as ..
City trip Lisbon - viewed 1543x
Do you want to visit a warm country and at the same time enjoy a cultural holiday? Then choose for a city trip to Lisbon! This beautiful city is built on seven hills and from different places you have an amazing view over the city. You will find small streets, historical buildings and walls covered with geometric patterns and painted..
Seville is the capital city of Andalusia and is highly recommended by tourists. The city has the biggest historical centre of Europe. You can get lost for days in the small alleyways or simply enjoy the wonderful weather. The citizens of the city are passionate about life and you can see this back in the city. Discover Seville yourse..
City trip Valencia - viewed 2233x
Are you looking for the traditional Spain? With a city trip to Valencia you can rediscover Spain. Valencia is still a historical city today. More and more tourists know how to find the city. The city is gaining popularity, just like Barcelona. What makes a city trip to Valencia so special? We have researched the sights for you. After..
City trip Budapest - viewed 1466x
Throughout the whole year millions of tourists travel to Budapest. It is not only a beautiful city, but also quite affordable. You can easily fill a long weekend exploring the wonderful sights of the city. The rich mix of architecture and atmosphere ensure that Budapest is on the wish list of most tourists. We would like to show you ..
Discover San Francisco - viewed 1489x
When you are going on a holiday to America you often think about the famous cities: Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Boston and Washington. Despite the familiarity of the names, they are not the most beautiful cities of America. The most beautiful city of the States is definitely San Francisco. A city where the hippies still live and bu..
Naples is a charming Italian city located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. In the background of the city lies a dormant volcano, the Vesuvius. This volcano is maybe even more famous than the city itself. In 1979 a disaster happened because of a bursting of the Vesuvius and PompeÔ was covered in ash. From Naples you can visit Po..
Palma de Mallorca is the capital city of the island Mallorca. Most visitors of the island land on the airport close to the capital and then move around the island. It is worth the effort to besides visiting the island, to also visit the capital itself. There is enough to see in the capital city of the island. We have gathered the bes..
If you are contemplating a city trip, Florence can be a great choice. The city is the birthplace of the renaissance and it knows many beautiful sights. The centre is therefore listed on the world heritage list of UNESCO. You can admire world famous paintings and sculptures of priceless value. But Florence has more to offer: wonderful..
If you book a city trip to the historical Vienna, then you will certainly not regret it. The capital city of Austria lies along the Danube and is known for its historical city centre, the palaces and of course the classical music and opera. You can dine and shop in style and later in the night you can taste Vienna's night life in one..
When you book a holiday to Berlin, a wonderful experience is awaiting you; full of history, culture and nightlife. The city has almost 3,5 million inhabitants and is the second biggest city in Europe. Berlin is known for its many sights and a highly regarded cultural life with many museums, festivals and a hip nightlife. Continue rea..
Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean sea and is a part of Italy. It is an awesome idea to spend a holiday on Sicily. When you want to do more than just enjoying the sun, sea and beach, then it is a good idea to bring some tips with you. We collected the best tips for you, so that you know everything about the best places..
Have you planned a long plane journey? Then start reading the tips in this article. These tips will help you make your plane journey to be comfortable and pleasant. At the bottom of the article you will also find a handy packing list for your hand luggage.
The smoothie trend is not new anymore. It has become clear that smoothies have conquered a steady place in our eating habits. In this article you will therefore find 10 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes. We will start by giving you some handy tips.
Restless leg syndrome - viewed 2017x
The restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a condition where you are troubled by restless legs. Whilst resting you will experience tingling in the legs. This tingling also happens at night, which means that most people who are troubled by RLS, also have a sleeping disorder. You can only reduce the tingling by moving your legs. In this artic..
Hyperventilation is when your breathing is significantly faster than normal. In some cases we can talk about acute hyperventilation. It can also be that you are continuously breathing incorrectly. In that case we are talking about chronic hyperventilation. This can be because of prolonged stress. In this article we will discuss what ..
Drones have become quite common these days in our society and are getting more popular day by day. There are many different kinds. You probably heard of the unmanned military drones that perform missions in war zones. But at the same time you can also find them for consumers and hobbyists. In this article we will discuss all kinds of..
Many people experience a bloated feeling once in a while in the stomach. This is almost always quite innocent, but it can be annoying. But how does this bloated feeling arise and what can you do about it? In this article we will give you more information about this.
Are your struggling sometimes that you have to go pee quite often? Maybe you drank a lot that day, then the cause is quite obvious. But what if that is not the case? You are wondering what is going on, what can the possible causes be that you all of a sudden have to go to the bathroom so many times and what can you do about it?
Milkshake Recipes - viewed 1344x
Do you feel like making a delicious milkshake? In this article you will find a couple of wonderful recipes, so that you can make milkshakes yourself. And you donít have to limit yourself to the summer, even in the winter a milkshake tastes delicious.
Amsterdam is the biggest city of the Netherlands and is often seen as the centre. It is thus not so odd that the nightlife is seen as buzzing and hip. In the city of Amsterdam you will find a mix of different cultures and you will see this in the nightlife as well. Do you want to go out in Amsterdam? We have listed the 12 best locati..
In this article you can read about the different aspects of badminton, such as the history of badminton and the different techniques that you can apply to playing badminton. All the rules that you are dealing with when playing badminton, what you need in order to start playing and enter a competition. You can read all about it in thi..
Running is an accessible sport for everyone that wants to work on their physical condition. It is also one of the cheapest sports there is. All you need is a pair of good running shoes, sport socks and clothing. You donít need anything else than this and a bit of motivation!
Running to lose weight - viewed 1328x
Do you want to run and lose weight? Then it is a good idea to learn how to do this in the best way possible. You namely donít want to get any injuries and besides that it is important how you can start running in the best way. Read the tips about running and losing weight and start losing those extra pounds responsibly.
Marketing is important for all companies, especially with the uprising of the internet! Read therefore these ten tips for a good market strategy and start working on it.
Omnichannel retailing is changing the world. With 450.000+ retailers and only around 50.000 webshops, there is an inconsistent ratio with the current online world. For retailing success you need the omnichannel experience.
Do you have your own company or do you work for an agency where you want to promote the business? Then you must surely know that social media can play an important role In this. Social media is becoming more and more important for companies nowadays, read more about the importance of social media for companies.
We often think about the things we need to say to make a connection with someone. But do you ever think about what you are transmittig with your body language? Nonverbal communication is a lot more important than verbal communication. Potential business partners or customers will determine their interest in your business or products ..
Do you want to optimise your website for search engines? The writing of good SEO texts is an important factor for search engines. Writing SEO texts is not so difficult, but you of course have to know how to do this. In this article we will explain in five steps how write texts that make sure your website's ranking in search engines g..
Tour of Andalusia - viewed 2521x
17 regions within Spain and one of the favourite regions for a tour. If you are making a tour of Andalusia it is best to avoid the summer months. Andalusia is a place to spend the winter because of the high temperatures. In the summer months, the temperatures can reach higher than 40 degrees celcius! If you really want to discover th..
Sights in Oregon - viewed 2632x
Oregon is one of the most beautiful states of America, but is relatively unknown to the big public. If you love both nature and fascinating cities, then Oregon is the place to be for you. Oregon has a rough coastline and is very diverse with ancient forests, deserts and snow peaked mountains. A tour of just the state of Oregon is def..
Sights in Florida - viewed 2469x
Florida is the Sunshine state and belongs to the most popular states of America for a holiday. There are enough highlights to be experienced for a tour or a holiday to the state. On top of that the temperatures are almost always warm and in the winter months never colder than 18 degrees celsius. A minor negative is the hurricane seas..
Sights in Texas - viewed 2527x
Texas is the second largest state of America and shows that everything can be bigger than you already thought. It is also called the cowboy state of the US. Not only in surface area the state is huge, but also in the 22 million people of who live there. Most inhabitants of the state live in the big cities: Dallas, Austin, Forth Worth..
A last minute holiday to Portugal can be a pleasant surprise. The weather, the culture and the food form a nice combination for a perfect holiday. Because the country knows a comfortable climate, you can take a stroll through the cozy villages and cities. A last minute holiday to Portugal knows a lot of variation: from big cities suc..
Sights in Utrecht - viewed 2839x
Utrecht is, looking at the number of inhabitants, the fourth largest city of the Netherlands. The city is located in the middle of the county and is an important hub in different ways. The combination of different factors ensured that Utrecht is the centre of many historical and culture highlights. Besides the beautiful buildings, ca..
Sights in Melbourne - viewed 2661x
Melbourne is highly regarded by different travellers and is high on the list of cities that you should have seen. The city in Australia is attracting visitors from all over the world that want to see more of the country. There are also plenty of travellers that have started their travels in the country from Melbourne. Melbourne is kn..
Making money through the internet. For one a dream, for someone else it may be the harsh reality. Unfortunately it remains to be a dream for many people, while making money with the help of the internet is not hard at all. If someone has access to a computer, a working internet connection and of course a passion or hobby, then you ha..
What are chia seeds? - viewed 2926x
Chia seeds, maybe you have heard about them but do you have any idea of what they are? It is said that it is good for women but what positive contribution does it give to your health and what kind of seeds are they really? Are they really healthy? In this article you will get to know more about chia seeds, what they are, they do and ..

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